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New resources for you, your students, and the school community


The Center for Ecoliteracy is pleased to release four new resources to help you prepare and promote California-grown fruits and vegetables. For school foodservice, there are step-by-step photos of culinary techniques with accompanying recipes and a guide for mastering food photography to market your meals. For informal educators, we have engaging enrichment activities that highlight the bounty of California agriculture. And to top it off, we’ve got a collection of award-winning posters that promote healthy eating and are suitable for kitchens, cafeterias, classrooms, and beyond.

Preparing California-Grown School Meals: A Professional Development Guide 
This guide offers step-by-step visual instructions to engage foodservice staff and inspire the confidence to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into school meals. Share this guide with your staff or use it when designing your next professional development training. Also featured are eight recipes from California Thursdays®  districts, including a cucumber, jicama, apple salad and chile verde with pork. We love your feedback, so please try the recipes and we will follow up to see how you liked them. Download the professional development guide

Photographing School Food: A Practical Guide to Making California School Meals Look Great 
Marketing school meals with appetizing photos can boost participation and make a big difference in how your program is appreciated by students, parents, and your school community. Download the photography guide

Nourishing Students: Enrichment Activities for Grades K-5 
Enrichment activities offer an opportunity to engage students in exploring the bounty of California-grown fruits and vegetables in after-school, out-of-school, and summer programs. Download the enrichment activities

Nourishing Students: Posters
Display these posters in kitchens, cafeterias, classrooms, and during after-school programs as a fun and engaging way to promote fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy eating. Nourishing Students: Enrichment Activities for Grades K–5 coordinates with these five posters and makes after-school, out-of-school, and summer programs more memorable. Download the five posters