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Bay Area Bountiful: The Center for Ecoliteracy

teacher and students pick peapods in a field

Bay Area Bountiful: The Center for Ecoliteracy

In this episode of Bay Area Bountiful, Executive Director Alexa Norstad and the students and staff of Santa Clara Unified School District share the value of connecting the school farm to the classroom and cafeteria. Watch as they harvest organically-grown broccoli from the school farm, roast it in the school kitchen, and serve it on students' lunch trays.

Through our California Food for California Kids® Network, the Center for Ecoliteracy supports school districts like Santa Clara Unified in serving fresh, locally-grown school meals and educating students about the food system and its connection to their environment. As an engaged member of the network since 2018, Santa Clara Unified participated in Fresh from California / Todo Fresco California, a campaign to increase access to California-grown fruits and vegetables in schools.

Thank you to Northern California Public Media and the Santa Clara Unified School District, especially the educators and students who contributed to this episode.

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