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Eating. Learning. Growing.

Students enrolled in California public schools

Eating. Learning. Growing.

Aligning the K–12 campus and community with student health and learning.

What does the ideal school day look like? As envisioned by the California Food for California Kids initiative, it starts with student health and learning supported by fresh, healthy, local food. Then, throughout the day, the entire campus is experienced as flourishing learning environments connected to community and the natural world. We believe this is the fullest expression of eating, learning, and growing. Resources and ideas from California Food for California Kids is the way to get there. 


Healthy, freshly prepared school meals made from California-grown ingredients

Welcoming dining experiences that support food and ecological literacy

Student engagement through taste tests, demos, and farmer visits 


Transformational teaching and learning experiences that advance understanding of the connections between human and natural systems

Knowledge of where food comes from and how it reaches the table

Insight into the relationship between food and climate change and promising strategies for mitigation and adaptation


Learning in gardens and other settings that provide hands-on experiential opportunities 

Direct experience of living things and what they need to grow and thrive 

Enriched learning opportunities in informal, afterschool, and out-of-school settings such as libraries and community centers 

Our vision is a world where all students experience and understand how nature sustains life and are inspired to live in ways that benefit people and the environment.
Adam Kesselman


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